Vibrant Red Hair Wig

    As any woman that colors her hair red knows, red is one of the most difficult colors to get to stick in hair and also the most difficult to remove.  When a client sent us a picture of her very vibrant red hair we knew that creating her trademark red would only be […]

A Haircut Can Make a Wig Feel Like You!

  This wig all one length. Adding layers and face framing makes such a huge difference! One of the hardest parts of trying on a wig is seeing the potential of the wig looking like you want  before it has been customized to your specifications.  Human hair wigs come in different grades, lengths, and colors. […]

A Wig for the Gym

  Women often ask us if it’s a good idea to purchase more than one wig.  While this is not necessary for everyone, it’s nice to have something that is always ready to go. While one wig needs to be styled or washed, the second wig is in perfect condition so you can be ready […]

Curly Cue

  Curly hair is not something that’s easy to find when looking for wigs.  Some women that feel like they’ve been battling their curls all their lives and are thrilled at the idea of finally getting to wear their hair straight. For women that love their natural curl or want their exact look copied so […]

Is Washing a Wig the Same As Washing Your Hair?

This is a question that we are asked on a regular basis.  Wearing a wig is very similar to your actual hair in many ways, but a wig needs special care when it comes to washing. Washing your wig is much like hand washing a delicate fabric.  Because it is so different than what women […]

We now have videos!

We have been busy this summer!  We’ve been getting feedback from women asking for more help with hair care and styling once they bring their wig home.  In response we’ve started making How To videos to help provide more information.  Here’s the first video in our new series – Wig Styling and Care Presented by […]