Wigs for Cancer Patients

A quality wig starts with the foundation. Our wigs are specially selected for women going through cancer treatment. They are designed to be gentle on the scalp with features such as felt ear tabs, full mesh linings, and special silicone grips for security. Your skin can become fragile during treatment, which is why we never use adhesives. To make this experience as easy as possible we also offer consultations to help you decide which wig is perfect for you.

Wigs for cancer patients are made with care, and we offer a variety of fibers from which to chose. There are benefits to each type of fiber to consider based on your lifestyle:

Human Natural Hair Wigs

Made with human hair, natural hair wigs provide the most natural and realistic look. These wigs can be cut, colored, highlighted, and permanently curled to match your natural hair style, density, color, and texture. It looks, feels and acts like an actual head of hair, because it is. These natural hair wigs allow for total customization, providing the closest thing to your own hair.

Remy Hair

We carry only the highest-grade most uniform Remy hair. It comes in a large variety of color with highlights already added and often has root colors as well. Please keep in mind most Remy hair cannot be colored or permed.

European Hair

Also called Russian hair, it’s the finest hair out there for making wigs. The hair shaft is finer and perfect for people of European descent or anyone who likes the extra silky feel of the finest hair available. European hair comes to us minimally processed allowing us to copy highlights and do perms because this hair can take to color and doesn’t get easily damaged by chemicals.

Lace fronts create seamless hairlines because there are little individual hairs tied to the lace at the front of the cap to make it look like it’s your own hair. Many of these wigs also have a mono top–meaning the part can be moved anywhere. This freedom allows you to show your scalp to give you the most natural look possible.



Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic WigSynthetics are ideal for ladies who want an easy, no-hassle style. Synthetic wigs are made with a type of memory fiber that will maintain its style even after washing. No longer are the days these types of wigs look like unnatural hair. In many cases it is difficult to tell the difference between this type of hair and human hair. You also get the added benefit of saving time in the morning getting ready for the day. Imagine waking up and having the perfect curl without any styling tools! Please keep in mind synthetic wigs can ONLY be styled by a professional. The use of your own heated styling tools will cause damage.

We carry only the highest-grade synthetic hair. Unlike buying a wig off the rack or online, we can completely reshape and restyle the wig using steam.

We can Customize Your Synthetic Wig to Meet Your Needs

Synthetic Wig Before and AfterChrysalis custom hair customizes wigs for each of the women we service. We make sure if the part isn’t where you’d like it to be, our expert staff can move it for you. We can also thin the hair if it’s too thick for you, or curl the hair.

Often women with really short hair are better off using a synthetic because they are constructed to lay flat. Synthetic wigs are slightly less maintenance that human hair in that they spring right back into their preset style after washing.



Heat-Resistant Synthetic Wigs

If you’d like more control over your hairstyle, we also offer wigs made of a heat-resistant synthetic material. This still maintains all the benefits of the synthetic memory fibers, but withstands heat to 350°. Heated styling tools such as curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons can all be used to change up your style without damaging the wig. This allows changing your style at will, as well as providing more resistance to heat/steam damage.

Starter Care Kits

Each client receives a starter care kit with all necessary supplies:

  •       special shampoo
  •       conditioner
  •       leave-in conditioner
  •       finishing spray
  •       wide-tooth comb
  •       brush
  •       drying form
  •       foam head
  •       pins
  •       sleep cap
  •       detailed care instructions

The longevity of your wig is dependent on how well it is maintained. Providing everything needed helps you get the most from your new hair. We also offer a skin care line to help support your ongoing needs. Our line is hypoallergenic and contains no chemicals.