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Highlight a Wig- Adding Color to an Older Wig

It is common for women to want to highlight a wig when they are ready to update their look. After all, nothing builds confidence more than having a fresh hairstyle. However, there are a few things you should know about being able to  highlight a wig. Older Wigs Differ From Your Natural Hair Natural hair growing on […]

New Year’s Eve Wig Styles

The holidays have finally arrived. With the coming of 2017 you will want to know about New Year’s Eve wig styles that will work with your cancer wig. Not all  chemo wigs are created the same way, so they can’t all be styled the same way. Check out some of the tips and tricks you […]

Hairspray Wigs-Regular Hairspray on Wigs

Keeping your style in place is simple when you know how to hairspray wigs. With cancer wigs, it is important to understand that more is not necessarily better when it comes to holding your style. While you can use hairspray, it is important to know how to spray it properly since styling wig hair requires a few […]

Thanksgiving Wig Tips

Cooking a hearty, healthy meal for the holiday is a tradition that is good for you and your friends and family. Use these Thanksgiving wig tips to keep your wig looking, smelling and feeling great.  Wigs easily pick up and retain scents. It is best to do your cooking ahead of time before putting on […]

Washing Your Head When You Have No Hair

Cancer treatment involves many changes, and this will also include making a few adjustments to your beauty routine. This is because the hair loss that occurs with cancer treatment leaves your skin dry and sensitive. Washing your head when you have no hair is far less complicated than most women think. In fact, you can use these […]

Human Hair Wigs: What Kind of Brush is Best

Since getting your new wig, you have been getting compliments and feeling extra beautiful lately. Yet, now you find yourself wondering, “what kind of  wig brush do I use on my human hair wig?” This is the kind of question we like to hear because the natural strands of human hair wigs do require different combs and […]

Wig Shampoo: Do I Need Special Shampoo

  One of the most essential parts of maintaining your cancer wig is keeping it clean. If you are new to wearing wigs, this process may be a mystery to you, and you probably have a lot of questions. How often do you clean it? What does the cleaning process involve? Do you need any special tools? […]

Stop Wig Slipping With These Tips

One of the biggest benefits of cancer wigs is that they are perfect for transitioning as your hair regrows. However, you may find that your wig begins to slip a little bit as your hair grows back in, especially if you have very fine, silky hair. Fortunately, there are a couple of easy solutions for wig […]

Dry Human Hair Wig

Just like the hair you were born with, the hair in a human hair wig can feel dry and brittle from exposure to the elements. In summer, air conditioning dries the hair; in winter, heat dries the hair. Exposure to sun and wind can leave your  cancer wig feeling dry and lifeless. If you have a colored […]

Wig Fitting

A wig fitting is the most important part of buying a wig. Without a proper fit a cancer wig will slip and either be crooked or easily fall off. A misfit wig could either look “wiggy”or could be the cause of great embarrassment if it fell off. To ensure your wig fits properly you will need […]