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Bobby Pins with Wigs- Are they safe to use?

A common question you might have is whether or not it is okay to use bobby pins on a wig. You may want to style your chemo wig differently some days, or just to put it up for a while, as you would with normal hair. However, using bobby pins on wigs is not recommended. […]

Natural Hair Wig at the Beach

Spring is approaching, and so is spring fever, however you may wonder if you can enjoy this time of year with a natural hair wig at the beach. If you live in a warm climate, you’re probably anxiously awaiting the first day the temperature is right for a day trip to your favorite beach. If you live […]

Exactly What is a Human Hair Wig?

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “what is a human hair wig?” If so, you’re definitely not alone. Many women have a vague idea regarding wigs and their differences, but there is a lot to consider when you’re finding your new style. Buying the perfect wig is an exciting process because there are so many beautiful […]

New Year’s Eve Wig Styles

The holidays have finally arrived. With the coming of 2017 you will want to know about New Year’s Eve wig styles that will work with your cancer wig. Not all  chemo wigs are created the same way, so they can’t all be styled the same way. Check out some of the tips and tricks you […]

Thanksgiving Wig Tips

Cooking a hearty, healthy meal for the holiday is a tradition that is good for you and your friends and family. Use these Thanksgiving wig tips to keep your wig looking, smelling and feeling great.  Wigs easily pick up and retain scents. It is best to do your cooking ahead of time before putting on […]

Color my Human Hair Wig

Finding a wig that looks like your own hair style can be a wonderful feeling. It’s great to find a wig that looks great and is comfortable to wear. You may be asking, can I color my human hair wig? While the answer is no, don’t worry. We will color your wig for you and make sure it is the […]

Human Hair Wigs with Hats

The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, the weather is cooler — and that means boots, scarves, and, of course, hats. Many women want to add a hat to their autumn accessories, but they aren’t sure whether hats will interfere with their wig. If you’re wondering whether you can wear human hair wigs with hats, we […]

Change the Part on a Wig

Learning how to style your wig properly is the best way to preserve its beauty, and it is common to find yourself wondering, “Can I change the part on a wig?” shortly after your purchase. While it is true that something as simple as changing your part can transform your look, it is important to […]

Wig Giveaway 2016 Chrysalis Custom Hair

                                             The Wig Giveaway 2016 is getting ready to launch October 1st! 50 donated wigs that have been fully refurbished will be given away to women cancer patients across the United States. Not everyone can […]

Human Hair Wigs: What Kind of Brush is Best

Since getting your new wig, you have been getting compliments and feeling extra beautiful lately. Yet, now you find yourself wondering, “what kind of  wig brush do I use on my human hair wig?” This is the kind of question we like to hear because the natural strands of human hair wigs do require different combs and […]