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Bobby Pins with Wigs- Are they safe to use?

A common question you might have is whether or not it is okay to use bobby pins on a wig. You may want to style your chemo wig differently some days, or just to put it up for a while, as you would with normal hair. However, using bobby pins on wigs is not recommended. […]

Synthetic Wigs with Winter Hats

Hats are a popular accessory during the winter season that help to keep you warm while also making a fashion statement. However, it’s important to give your favorite hat a second glance if you wear a synthetic cancer wig. This is because synthetic wigs are made of fabric, and wearing a hat causes two types of fabric to […]

Wigs and Pets- Wigs Are Not Toys

Pets are naturally curious, and they have a unique knack for turning almost anything into a toy. For some reason, pets just love wigs, and it only takes a few minutes for them to destroy their beautiful look. Since wigs and pets don’t mix, use these tips to keep your wig for cancer patients safe. Damage Caused […]

Wig Giveaway 2016 Chrysalis Custom Hair

                                             The Wig Giveaway 2016 is getting ready to launch October 1st! 50 donated wigs that have been fully refurbished will be given away to women cancer patients across the United States. Not everyone can […]

Heat Defiant Synthetic Wig

Considering getting a  heat defiant synthetic wig? When considering which type of wig to get, you’ve probably heard of all the human hair and synthetic hair options. A heat defiant synthetic wig, also known as heat resistant, are a technological wonder. By using a new kind of synthetic fiber to create these wigs women cancer patients […]

Wig Fitting

A wig fitting is the most important part of buying a wig. Without a proper fit a cancer wig will slip and either be crooked or easily fall off. A misfit wig could either look “wiggy”or could be the cause of great embarrassment if it fell off. To ensure your wig fits properly you will need […]