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Why We Do Wigs for Women Undergoing Chemotherapy

Can you tell which one is the wig?!

Stephanie is a gorgeous special education teacher who just got engaged. She also was losing her hair because of chemotherapy. When she called me she was in an absolute panic.  She said she had seen us on Google and decided to call right away. I assured her that we could copy her hair exactly and get it done quickly. I asked her to send me a picture of her hair when she liked it best.  The top picture is the one she sent.

She and her sister and her mom came in on a cold snowy Friday afternoon.  We had pulled out about 8 wigs that we thought would look pretty on her. The one she chose was a hand tied human hair wig with a lace front.  Hand tied means each little hair was knotted into place by hand and the lace front makes the hairline look more natural.  She decided that since it was winter she would rather have her hair a little darker than what she had sent us in the picture.  She was used to having lots of highlights, so that’s exactly what we did. We copied her hair exactly.

Here’s what the wig looked like before it
was customized to match her color and cut.

She came back on Tuesday, again with her mother and sister, to pick up her wig and get it cut and styled. The picture above is the final product. It was such a happy experience. Her mom hugged me and said she hadn’t seen her daughter smile in months. When I asked Stephanie if I could use her images she said,

If I can be of any other help with your blog, like additional pics, a review, or whatever, I would be more then willing! You guys truly made a difference and helped me become myself again!”

That reaction is truly why we do what we do.

I’m so happy that you’re happy!
Thank you for letting me use your pictures.