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Why Is Wig a Bad Word?

If you’re about to lose your hair from cancer treatment what you need is a wig, not a unit, not a piece, not a cranial prothesis. We in this business have been instructed never to call a wig a wig.

What you see below is a synthetic wig that was personally styled for this client. You can’t just buy a wig off of a mannequin and expect it to frame your face perfectly, with wispy “fringe” (she’s English), and have just a little bit of stacking in the back. Her appointment for fit, cut, and style took about 2 1/2 hours, but was well worth it.

Not everyone wants or has the budget for a customized wig.  There are lots of resources where women can find free wigs.   Free Wigs for Women With Cancer

There are also so many varieties of head coverings that it’s mind blowing.  Many women chose never to wear a wig at all.  There is no shame in having no hair.  It is suggested, however that you keep your head covered to keep warm and shield your delicate scalp from the elements.