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A Lacefront Wig Can Look So Natural!

Most people that are looking into purchasing a wig while in treatment don’t realize how natural a wig can actually look.  Here’s a great example of how a lacefront wig can make such a difference so the hair doesn’t look so “wiggy.”

Blonde Bob Wig with Lacefront for a Cancer Patient
A lacefront wig looks very natural!

The biggest debate was whether or not to keep her long, blonde shoulder length hair or to go shorter during treatment.  She has always had longer hair with a few lowlights in it but thought it could be a good time for a change.  After trying on a selection of wigs she picked two that she liked: one very similar to her current style and one in a cute bob style.  She had a little time before she had to make up her mind.

Over the weekend she attended a wedding and decided to cut her hair shorter so she could try out the bob style.  She actually showed her stylist an image of the wig to have it cut as close as possible!  Turns out she really liked have shorter hair and the style fit her pretty well!

When she returned to us her hair had just released and she was ready for her wig.  As with many wigs, a common concern is that the hair is going to fall in the face and not look natural.  She is used to having volume in the front of her hair and wanted to replicate that on the wig as much as possible.  After some trimming and styling, we personalized the wig to match her style.

Sideview of blonde bob wig with lacefront for a chemo patientfront view of blonde bob cancer wig with lacefront

There’s often a distinct moment when our clients look in the mirror and say, “I feel like myself again.”  As soon as we showed her that that volume in the front was still possible the room seemed to get brighter.  After a few more small tweaks to perfect her look, she was smiling and started taking pictures of herself in her new hair.  Moments like those are the reason we do what we do!

Showing monofilament part of blonde bob wig with lacefront for a cancer patient