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Some Hair Colors Just Aren’t Found on a Swatch

Every woman is unique and so is her hair color. There are so many colors available, but when working with a client that has a very unique natural hair color we often need to color a human hair wig. Any coloring or highlighting we do is, of course, complimentary.

Custom coloring is ideal for women that have specific highlights, to slightly change to tone of the hair, or for other specialty fashion colors.  When your goal is to not have anyone notice that you are wearing a wig sometimes close is just not close enough. Custom coloring will give you that natural highlight that you’ve always had or just the right shade of red!
Here’s an example of a specialty color to give the wig a natural root color.  This client always highlighted her hair and was used to seeing a little of her natural color in between colors.  Adding the natural root color back into the wig made the hair look like it was growing out of the wig and looked closer to what the client was used to seeing.

Adding a Root Color can make the hair
 look like’s it’s growing out of the wig.

We use a special hair color for our wigs.  One thing that is different is the way color is done in a salon on hair attached to a person versus coloring a wig.  To color a wig we start with lightest color in the hair and adding color will guarantee that the coloring process is as gentle as possible.  We want to ensure that you have the best quality hair.
Here is another example of a fashion custom colored human hair wig.  We selected the lightest color in the client’s hair and added color to match the rest of her hair.  Using this technique is very gentle and has very natural results!