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Let’s Make It Into a Party

Ashley came to us because she is a natural strawberry blonde. Matching such a beautiful natural color is no small feat! She selected a wig that matched her length and felt the closest to her own hair texture.  We then custom colored the wig over the next week.

Her appointment to pick up her custom colored wig was at 11:30 on a Friday. We are used to women bringing a friend or two but we weren’t expecting what happened next.  At 11:00 her best friend showed up with a case of glassware, champagne, and orange juice. Then another friend came with pastries.  My phone rang: it was the sushi delivery people. One by one all of her friends showed up and finally Ashley’s mom brought her in.

It was so gratifying to see how thrilled Ashley was with her new wig and how much love and support she had from friends and family. We at Chrysalis Custom Hair were grateful to be part of this wonderful experience.

Wig Party Cheers!