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Curly Cue


Curly hair is not something that’s easy to find when looking for wigs.  Some women that feel like they’ve been battling their curls all their lives and are thrilled at the idea of finally getting to wear their hair straight. For women that love their natural curl or want their exact look copied so that no one knows they’re in treatment a perm is a great option. Long gone are the days of freaky poodle perms.


It’s possible to keep your natural curl!


Our human hair wigs are straight when we receive them. We can use a very gentle perm to achieve a very natural curly look.  This processes is included with the purchase of any of our human hair wigs. We want your hair to look like “your hair” without adding on additional charges.

A perm on a wig is different than a perm on a natural head of hair. We use a special solution to protect the quality of the wig and but still achieve a match to your natural hair texture. We begin by deciding the size and firmness of your curl.  There are a many techniques to match your texture from airy waves to small ringlets.  The wig hair is wrapped around rods that match the size of your curl in a pattern to closely mimic your natural growth.  It may take a couple days to do this so as to perfectly match your hair, but it’s so worth the wait. 

Here’s a wig that’s been freshly permed to match a client’s natural curl!