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A Haircut Can Make a Wig Feel Like You!


This wig all one length. Adding layers and face framing makes such a huge difference!

One of the hardest parts of trying on a wig is seeing the potential of the wig looking like you want  before it has been customized to your specifications.  Human hair wigs come in different grades, lengths, and colors.  We, the experts, are expected to know how to change the all one length look of a wig to match your style. It’s usually the small things that can make a huge difference.  These changes can range from moving the side of the part, adding fringe, creating face framing, or completely reshaping the cut of the wig to look just like your hair.

The wig you see above came to us all one length, quite thick, with the part on the wrong side. After moving the part, thinning out the density, adding layers as well as face framing, we were able to make an exact copy of her hair. It’s so gratifying to be able to make women feel like themselves again.