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Vibrant Red Hair Wig


As any woman that colors her hair red knows, red is one of the most difficult colors to get to stick in hair and also the most difficult to remove.  When a client sent us a picture of her very vibrant red hair we knew that creating her trademark red would only be possible with a custom color. 
While we usually only use our own color that is intended to be gentle on wigs, in this case we told her to bring in her at-home color.   
We fit her in a wig that would be able to pick up the color and started the coloring process.  Once we were sure that we could get the color to take properly and without causing excess damage, we colored her wig.  Her second appointment we then finished it off with a cut and style.  She then asked us to take pictures for her to send to her friends to see if they could tell. When we showed her the before and after pictures even she wasn’t sure which was her real hair and which was the wig!