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We’re Giving Away 40 Cancer Wigs for Women

Made possible through the generous wig donations from women cancer patients and their families, we are giving away 40 wigs to deserving women in the Chicagoland area. How can you enter? We’ve got all the details below.

How to Enter?

Entering is easy peasy! Just go over to our giveaway page located here, and take a look at all the wigs we are giving away. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for human hair or synthetic–we’ve got you covered.

What Type of Wigs are You Giving Away?

There is an assortment of styles to choose from. Long, short, blonde, brown, our generous donors made sure we had a wide variety for you to select.

Cancer Wig Giveaway

Some of the wigs donated are European hair and could be as much as $3,500 normally! We also have been given European hair that has been hand highlighted, and Remy hair wigs donated as well. Take your time and take a look at all the wigs and select your favorite. We’ve made sure to show the wigs from different angles, and you can zoom in to get a better look at each wig.

When Does the Giveaway Start?

You can start entering when the clock strikes 12:00am CST on October 1st. You have until 11:59pm CST October 20th to register.

Can I Enter More than Once?

You may only register for a selected wig once. HOWEVER, you can come back and register for another wig during the giveaway time period. You can read our full rules of the giveaway here.

How will I Know I am Receiving a Wig?

We will be contacting recipients of each wig via email on October 21st. Make sure you keep an eye on your email that day–as you will have 72 hours to confirm you are accepting the wig.

We’ll Also Throw You a Party!

All recipients will be invited to a wig fitting fitting party on October 27, 2015. Recipients may bring one friend or family member over the age of 18 to the Wig Fitting Party. If you are one of the recipients, you’ll be invited to sign up for a time slot between 10am and 5pm on the 27th to receive your wig.

Image Credit: Flickr

We want to make sure your new wig fits perfectly, so if necessary we will hand stitch the wig for you. While you wait, you can enjoy some yummy refreshments and appetizers. Volunteer cancer fighters and survivors will also be in attendance to mingle with while you wait.

Why did We Decide to Do This?

The purpose of the Giveaway is to redistribute the wigs to women cancer patients in need of a wig. Battling cancer is hard enough, finding the right wig shouldn’t be. This is why so many of our wonderful donors are helping us with these fantastic wigs they have donated. This giveaway wouldn’t be possible without their support.