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6 Wig Myths Busted

Buying a wig for the first time can be intimidating. What kind of wig is right for you? Will people automatically know you lost your hair? Before you can find the best wig for you, it’s good to know what myths are out there. Wig making has come along way over the years–and there are a lot of misconceptions about wigs. We’re here to set the record straight.

Myth #1: All Wigs Are The Same


This is false! Wigs come in a variety of hair types and styles–and not all wigs are created equal. We carry human hair, synthetic and heat-resistant synthetic wigs. Our cancer wigs are the highest-grade possible for all of our wig selections. Our Remy hair is the most uniform and comes in a variety of colors and highlights. Because our European hair is minimally processed, we are able to copy highlights and even do perms to the hair.




Myth #2: Wigs are Itchy and Uncomfortable

head itchy

Image Credit: Women’s Day

A wig should be specially custom to your needs. Everyone will need something different, and we understand this. Wigs have come a long way over the years, and we have the best caps and fitting specialists around. We find the best fitting cap that provides the most comfort for your scalp. Certain models may work for some ladies and not others–we’ll work with you to find what’s best for you. We also have a skin care line the specifically addresses any scalp irritation you may experience.


Myth #3: The Wig You Pick Can’t Be Styled

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This is just not true. The beauty of high-quality wigs is with the help of a trained specialist, you can make them your own. We are able to cut, color, and highlight to match your look. For clients looking to maintain their signature look, we are able to exactly copy existing highlights and color onto a wig, including root color.





Myth #4: Your Wig Will Blow of in the Wind

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Living in Chicago (The Windy City), we get asked all the time how wigs hold up in the wind. To date we have never had anyone tell us a wig purchased from Chrysalis Custom Hair has blown off in the wind. Some caps are stretchy and even on the windiest day won’t blow off. Others have super grippy silicone and grip your head so well you can flip your head around and  it won’t move.




Myth#5: Your Wig Needs Bangs


It’s a common misconception that when you purchase a wig–you are going to need bangs. If you are nervous your wig is going to show your hair line, don’t be. A wig with a lace front looks so natural that you only wear bangs if you did before because that’s part of your look.





Myth #6: Everyone Can Tell You Are Wearing A Wig


This couldn’t be further from the truth. As long as your wig is fitted properly (which we make sure to take care of fittings for all of our clients), most people can’t even tell a difference. We can even make sure your wig keeps the same hair color, style and texture as you’re used to having. No need to worry about it looking unnatural–that’s why we are here.




Now that you know some of the common myths about wigs, hopefully buying a wig isn’t as scary as it sounds. Here at Chrysalis Custom Hair, we sit down with each of our customers and go over each wig and their features so we can make an educated decision on what works best for you.