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How to Find the Perfect Cancer Wig

You just received a jarring piece of news—you’ve got cancer. That in itself is not an easy thing to cope with. There are a million questions swirling around in your head, and everyone is constantly giving you confusing information. If your doctor tells you you’re going need a wig due to chemotherapy related hair loss, our goal is to make selecting that wig as easy as possible.

Treatment Starts

There are so many treatment options out there. Only you and your doctors can come up with which treatment is going to work best for you. If a chemotherapy regimen is part of your treatment it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to lose your hair. Ask your doctor, or better yet, his or her nurse if she thinks you will experience hair loss, and if so how much. Some cancer treatments cause no hair loss, some cause drastic thinning over the course of months, and many treatments do cause complete hair loss.

Your Hair doppelgangerwig

Finding the perfect wig sounds like a daunting task.  You’ve already been bombarded with information. No one is expected to know how to find the perfect wig. That is where Chrysalis Custom Hair can help. If you want to keep your signature look, we are able to exactly copy existing highlights and color onto a wig, including root color.  We also have a huge variety of the most popular colors and styles on hand so that if needed you can walk out the same day with the perfect coif for you.


How do I Know if a Cancer Wig Fits?

Comfort is the number one most important part of choosing a wig. We don’t expect you to come in with an understanding of wigs or wig fitting.  You aren’t a wig fitting expert—we are.  Everyone’s head shape is different. We have lots of different cap styles. What works on one person doesn’t necessarily fit properly on another. Hand alterations can make the wig cap tighter or looser to exactly fit your head. Finding the perfect wig helps alleviate the stress of the upcoming hair loss because you know when ever it does happen, that wig is in your closet and you are ready for it.



Privacy is Key

The last thing you may want is to come to a crowded wig store or a salon where you have to walk through the lively atmosphere to a privacy room in the back. We ensure your complete privacy from the start when you are with us.

When you choose Chrysalis Custom Hair, your time here is yours. We can only see three cancer patients a day because we try very hard to make sure appointments don’t overlap. We are located in a discreet location with frosted glass windows so there’s no “looky-loo’s” peeking in. We make every effort to accommodate your needs. Evening and weekend appointments are available, but we do book quickly so please make your appointment as soon as possible.



Quick Tips for Booking an Appointment with Us


  • Make an appointment as soon as you can. Even though we have plenty of cancer wigs in stock, sometimes that perfect style isn’t in stock in the perfect color and needs to be ordered. Making your appointment before the situation is critical allows us enough time to get in the wig you want and get it to you before you need it.
  • Call us before you come in. Our knowledgeable staff can offer advice over the phone, and ease your concerns before coming into the salon.
  • Send a Selfie. Send a picture of what you’re hair looks like when you liked it most, so we have an idea of what wigs to pull out or get ordered ahead of time.
  • Don’t cut your hair before seeing us. It’s fine to want to cut your hair shorter while undergoing treatment. However, it’s easier for us to replicate your hair color and texture before you alter your hairstyle.

We Roll out the Red Carpet for Your Appointment

wig-giveaway-25When you arrive we will already have pulled out assortment of hair that we, in our expert opinion, think would work best. If you are coming from far away be sure to let us know so that we can order the right things beforehand for you, and alleviate the need for a second trip.

We will sit down and discuss your objectives, and then go into the beautiful fitting room. We pin your hair up in such a way you are able to decide which wig fits best. As we try on wigs we point out each feature of the wigs so you can make an informed decision.

Once you’ve chosen your wig, we will take your hair out of the wig cap so we can see the layers and texture and we can cut the wig to look just like your hair. Face framing is done right on you so your bangs hit in that perfect place and face framing hits your jaw line just perfectly.

We want to make sure finding the perfect wig is as enjoyable and private as possible. Dealing with cancer is hard enough, finding the perfect wig shouldn’t add to the stress. Our experts are here to help.