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Wigs Now and Then: A Look at the Evolution of Wig Creation

If you take a few seconds and think about how things have changed even in the past five years, technology has taken us leaps and bounds from where we were. Wigs are no exception. It used to be wearing a wig was a big arrow pointing down on you saying “my hair isn’t real!”. However, with the invention of things like lace fronts and price reductions on real human hair, it’s hard to tell the difference.


Hairlines: Then


Before lace front wigs provided a natural look, wigs were constructed with “hard-fronts”. Due to the way the design, the hairline was semi-rigid, resulting in an unnatural look. One solution at the time was to opt for a wig that had bangs. Bangs helped blend the hairline, achieving a more natural look. (Image Credit: Custom Wig Company)




Hairlines: Now

Ombre on a European Hair Wig



Lace front wigs changed the game for people who relied on wigs. These types of wigs look natural due to their design, which consists of individually tied hairs attached to lace that rests on the hairline. The result? Hair that looks like your own.  




Human Hair: Then

Human Hair Then




Human hair wigs have been around for years, but used to be quite expensive. The average person experiencing hair loss wasn’t able to afford the comfort and enjoyment of a human hair wig.




 Human Hair: Now



Fortunately, human hair is now very affordable! Better yet, as a result of advances in the industry, these wigs are available in an array of styles. They can also be customized by trade experts who can cut, color, highlight, and permanently curl wigs to match the wearer’s natural hair style, density, color, and texture. Human hair wigs look and behave like an actual head of hair – because they are.




Synthetic Hair: Then

synthetic hair then




Synthetic hair used to look, well, synthetic. Technology was still getting up to speed, and synthetic wigs tended to appear fake to even untrained eyes. This could leave the wearer feeling vulnerable and insecure under constant scrutiny.




Synthetic Hair: Now


Synthetic wigs have come a long way since then. transforming into a solid option for anyone seeking a realistic looking cancer wig. Improvements are due in part to the use of a type of memory fiber that maintains its style even after washing. This makes a synthetic wig the perfect solution for anyone who desires a low maintenance head of hair. With the proper care, these wigs are a no fuss way to have the perfect style day in and day out.

Wigs have made leaps and bounds in quality and style since their inception. With the right design and expert finish, human and synthetic wigs can look just like real hair. If you are in need of a cancer wig, please call us today for a private consultation. You can find out more about our salon services here.