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Chemo Wig- Do I Need to Get a Wig?

Chemo WigBeing told you have cancer is hard enough to swallow. Then often you hear you need chemotherapy as well which leaves you with the question do I need to get a chemo wig? How do I know if my hair is going to fall out? If yes, when is my hair going to fall out? Where do I go to find a chemo wig and when should I start looking?

Asking your doctor or his or her staff whether your chemotherapy regimen is going to cause hair loss is the best way to find out what the most frequent side effects are for you type of chemo. They will also be able to tell you when to expect hair loss and what percentage of patients have no hair loss at all.

For many women dealing with a cancer diagnosis, this may be the first major health crisis they have ever been faced with. Spending countless hours of their days visiting doctors and specialists may leave them wondering what life was like before cancer. While going through the daily activities they may imagine that things are back to normal and that they are even back to their healthy self. And yet, if they are dealing with hair loss due to radiation and chemotherapy, this makes it very obvious to others what they are dealing with. This can open them up to unwanted questions or even stares from total strangers. Some well-meaning individuals may wish to share their own survivor story or words of encouragement, but there are moments when they just want to be seen for who they really are beyond the cancer diagnosis.

It’s in moments like these that chemo wigs can make a real difference for a women going through cancer treatment. She can stand out from the crowd for the pieces of her that make her who she is on the inside, a unique individual with interests and talents all her own. When your hair looks like your own you can walk around feeling like yourself without the constant attention that a bald head draws in our society.

Head covering options such as wigs for cancer patients, can help women regain a sense of their pre-cancer self. Contact us for more information on our beautiful customized hairpieces and how we can help you through this transition period.