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Chemotherapy Wigs Help You Feel Better

Being a woman is not easy. The women of Chrysalis Custom Hair understand the devastation of hair loss, for any reason. The customized products developed at Chrysalis are designed for each individual, so that the hairpiece will remain in place, absent of any glues or adhesives. We understand that chemotherapy wigs must be created, using only the highest quality materials (both human hair and synthetic) to ensure an empowered fit. This is why Chrysalis Custom Hair, a boutique operating out of Chicago, is fully staffed with trained personnel, all of which have previous experience as cancer support specialists. These women are devoted to your specialized needs.


chemotherapy wigsBecause you just want to feel like yourself, we understand that here. It’s not about looking like you don’t have Cancer; it’s about feeling like you. It’s about feeling like the woman you have been and will continue to be. It’s about empowering your femininity and maintaining your control. We want you leaving like you just walked out of your regular salon. Replicating your signature look onto a cancer wig or changing it up completely, we can accommodate your new do without the hassle of multiple appointments. Additionally, in many cases, your insurance carrier covers the cost of chemotherapy wigs. If your insurance does offer insurance coverage for wigs all you need to do is ask your physician for a prescription for a cranial prothesis and turn it in to your insurance company for reimbursement along with the receipt from Chrysalis Custom Hair.


The owner of Chrysalis Custom Hair, Kimberly Brodkin Johnson, was moved by a friend’s diagnosis. This inspired her to create a women’s only boutique that begins with a no-obligation consult, and allows for same day resolution. We offer private, one-to-one appointments; to ease the stress of treatment related hair loss. To schedule your customized experience, please contact us. Begin selecting your shade, style, and texture for your perfectly fitted  hairpiece. How do you wear your crown? Parted to the left or right?