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Swim in a Wig?

Visiting the local pool to swim a few laps or to take a community water aerobics class is gentle, beneficial way to regain strength and energy but you may wonder, “can I swim in a wig”?

The short answer is ‘no’, especially if there’s any chance of the pool or ocean water coming in contact with the hair or roots of the wig. Here are a few factors to consider regarding chemo wigs and swimming

:Swim in a wig

The chemicals that sanitize pool water, including chlorine, will dry out the natural and natural-like hairs on the wig, making it susceptible to breakage. Regular submersion under water will also, in time, stretch out the wig and damage the fit. There is also the risk of hair discoloration when the chlorine reacts to the melanin pigments in the natural hair.

Synthetic wigs may hold up better than natural and natural-like wigs, but it is still too risky to swim with a high-quality synthetic wig. Harsh chemicals and regular submersion can still do damage to the fit and look of any wig. There’s also the risk of bacteria growth if the wig is left damp after the swim. Bacteria finds a home in the roots of the wig and can cause the hairs to deteriorate and fall out.

What are the alternatives? For leisure time at the pool, a cheaper synthetic wig reserved for swimming will work as long as it spends little time immersed in the water. A splash from the kids or a quick jump into the pool won’t hurt your wig, but a good drenching will require a proper shampooing as soon as possible to remove the chlorine and bacteria. Chrysalis Custom Hair provides high-quality cleansing products to help maintain optimal care for your wigs.

The simplest choice for exercise is to wear a silicone swimming cap to help protect your scalp (or swimming wig) from the pool’s chemicals. These are available at any sports outlet store.

Bottom line: Do Not Swim in a Wig!

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