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Girls Wigs for Cancer

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Girls wigs for cancer are an unfortunate necessity for manny children undergoing cancer treatment. Cancer does not only affect adults. Over 10,000 cases of childhood cancer will be diagnosed in kids under 15 each year.  Childhood cancer affects all ethnic, gender, and socio-economic groups. Many of the cancer drugs used to treat these cancers will result in children’s hair loss which is the reason for doing customized girls wigs.

In this age where kids are fashion forward,  extensions are a norm,  streaks of color or even purple hair are popular, having a  bare head can be embarrassing for young girls. She may not want to go back to school or even go outside and play like all kids should be able to do. Children can often be mean when they don’t understand what another child is going though. If a young lady choses not to tell people at school or her peers about her cancer treatment a girl’s wig is a great option.

We understand that it’s not about looking like you don’t have cancer, it’s about feeling like you. Because whether you are 5 or 35 we all want to feel like ourselves when we look in the mirror. A wig for a girl can give her back a sense of confidence.

Often, especially with children’s wigs, insurance coverage is provided. Call your insurance company to find out if they offer coverage for cranial prosthesis. There are also many organizations that provide grants for kids wigs. Asking your social worker or nurse navigator is great way to find out about financial assistance for wigs for girls.

Chrysalis Custom Hair does strictly cancer wigs for women and girls in a completely private spa like setting. We stock a large variety of kids wigs and can customize them often on the same day. The first step to getting a customized girls wig is to call us for a private consultation.