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Gray Wigs for Women

Gray wigs can be difficult to find.

For many women grey or silver hair is a sign self-acceptance. There are so many beautiful shades of gray. For others the hassle of constantly covering roots is just too much of a chore and you decided to let it go gray. Whatever the reason you chose to wear gray hair, when you find out you have to undergo chemotherapy, you want to keep your hair looking the same.

Gray Wigs

Synthetic gray wigs come in many colors including blends such as salt and pepper and can often come close to matching your hair color. Synthetic wigs are best worn in shorter styles which may suit many women seeking gray wigs.   Because most gray hair is not worn long there are not many options for longer hair in synthetic.

Finding gray human hair wigs is difficult . They need to be custom made because there is not a high demand for gray human hair wigs. Most women about to undergo chemotherapy do not have the 12 weeks necessary to wait in order to have a wig made from scratch. What we at Chrysalis Custom Hair have done is to have these custom wigs already made and in stock so that they can be customized to our clients look quickly and easily. The hair on these is already a beautiful shade of gray all we need to do is to add what ever coloring you like to the wig. If you are only 40% gray we can add the “pepper” to create a salt and pepper look. We then customize the cap to fit your head and give this all one length hair and cut and style.

Our goal is to keep you looking like yourself during your treatment. Gray colors are hard to find so we keep both short synthetic wigs and longer human hair wigs in stock so that they can be customized quickly for our clients undergoing cancer treatment. Please call us for more information or to make and appointment.