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Wig Fitting

A wig fitting is the most important part of buying a wig. Without a proper fit a cancer wig will slip and either be crooked or easily fall off. A misfit wig could either look “wiggy”or could be the cause of great embarrassment if it fell off.

To ensure your wig fits properly you will need to take some measurements. The first measurement is taken around the circumference of your head. Starting at the hairline go over the ears, around under your occipital bone, and back over the other ear until you meet the beginning of your measuring tape. Most adult women have heads that measure somewhere between 21 and 23 inches. Sometimes ladies heads are smaller or bigger than that. Most wigs can be hand altered to make sure that it fits properly.

The next measurement for a wig fitting is taken from the top of one ear to the top of the other ear. This ensures that the wig covers the right part of the head and doesn’t rub on your ears. If a wig does rub on your ears it needs to be taken in so that you don’t get sores on your ears from the friction of the fabric rubbing your skin.

If a wig it too tight it will start to slip off as well. It’s like wearing a headband that is too tight. It will eventually push its way off of your head. If a wig is too tight it needs to be let out. Sometimes it is necessary to add fabric or even more hair to the wig to make it fit properly.

Only highly skilled wig fitters are capable of making these alterations. Chrysalis Custom Hair employs only highly trained wig professionals to work on our wigs for cancer patients. It’s critical a wig fits properly to ensure that it looks as natural as possible.