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Dry Human Hair Wig

Just like the hair you were born with, the hair in a human hair wig can feel dry and brittle from exposure to the elements. In summer, air conditioning dries the hair; in winter, heat dries the hair. Exposure to sun and wind can leave your  cancer wig feeling dry and lifeless. If you have a colored or permed wig, the drying effects are often multiplied.

Oils from the scalp keep natural hair hydrated, but keeping your human hair wig hydrated takes additional time and attention. A human hair wig is very delicate and requires careful handling. We recommend washing the wig once every two to three weeks and if the wig feels dry, using a hydrating conditioner to restore luster and shine once a month. Choose a high-quality, hydrating conditioner such as Pureology Hydrating Conditioner.

Follow our recommended process to wash your human hair wig. To condition, dissolve conditioner in a sink filled with cold water. Turn the wig inside out. Keeping your hand in the open cap, gently dunk the wig in the sink and allow it to soak for no more than 10 minutes. Carefully time the soak in conditioner because allowing the wig to soak longer than 10 minutes can soften the knots and cause hair loss from the wig. Remember not to apply conditioner directly to the wig, but rather use a hand washing process. Carefully rinse the wig in clean, cool water by dunking the wig in and out of the water.

Once the wig is thoroughly rinsed, gently pat excess water from the wig using a towel and then hang to dry. Never use a blow dryer on a wig and do not vigorously towel dry. Either can damage the wig. Once the wig is completely dry, carefully comb out any tangles and style.

Chrysalis Custom Hair gives every customer a starter kit with supplies, but sometimes your wig requires extra care to keep you looking your best. If you have any questions or need any other information about wig care, be sure to contact us. Remember we’re here to help you so you can look and feel your best!