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Heat Defiant Synthetic Wig

Curling a heat defiant synthetic wig

Considering getting a  heat defiant synthetic wig? When considering which type of wig to get, you’ve probably heard of all the human hair and synthetic hair options. A heat defiant synthetic wig, also known as heat resistant, are a technological wonder. By using a new kind of synthetic fiber to create these wigs women cancer patients can have the ease of wearing a synthetic without the worry associated with cooking in one.

Heat-defiant synthetic wigs are also known as heat-resistant, or heat-friendly synthetic wigs. Just as the name suggests, these wigs are made to be more resistant to heat than your typical synthetic wigs. 

For example, normal synthetic wigs can melt in extreme heat, such as when you open the oven. But with the heat defiant synthetic wig, as long as the oven is less than 350 degrees, you can open the door to a new batch of cookies and be assured that your wig will stay just as stylish as it was when you first got it! While caution is still recommended while cooking, heat-defiant synthetic wigs are much more reliable than normal synthetic wigs in places like the kitchen.

The best thing about your heat-defiant synthetic wig is that you can style it however you want! You are now free to use blow-dryers, curling irons, flat irons, or other hot tools on your wig, as long as it is below 300 degrees. This means you can easily customize your wig and don’t have to buy multiple wigs if you feel the need to change up your style.

And of course, like all synthetic wigs that we sell, the heat-defiant synthetic wig is made with memory fiber that will keep its shape and style even after washing. 

Here at Chrysalis Custom, we are dedicated to making sure you can preserve your sense of style no matter what the reason or occasion. For a consultation or more information about our extensive line of wigs, please feel free to contact us.