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Styling Products on Wigs

Regardless of whether you use human-hair or synthetic wigs, most people don’t need to use styling products on wigs. Styling a wig to match your unique look and personality is wonderful, but does that mean that you have to fill your counter with bottles of styling products to get the look you want? Usually, the answer is no. Instead, you can have your wig styled when you get it so that the cut, color, and texture are all customized for you. It is therefore super easy to style.

What kind of styling can someone request for their wig? Really, much of what’s done to your own hair, including:

  • Color matching
  • Highlights
  • Perms
  • And much more

Now, if your wig has a perm or chemical curl, you may want to add styling products on wigs. A hydrating mouse will help enhance the curl. Apply while the wig is damp to help define the curl and give it gorgeous volume. You also don’t want to brush a permed wig when it is dry or you could end up with some serious frizz. Instead, comb the wig out when it is wet, and if the curls are ever looking a little lack-luster you can always reactive them with a quick spritz of water.

Of course, your custom styled wig will still need some attention – just not from a hairspray bottle. Instead, making sure you have the right wig care products will help you get the most from your locks, and that you regularly use them to care for your wig

  • If you have a synthetic wig, make sure you are using products formulated for synthetic hair
  • For human-hair wigs, choose gentle products that don’t have too many harsh detergents like sulfates to help maintain the color and style
  • Make sure your wig gets a deep moisturizing every once in a while, too, to help keep it looking luscious

Chrysalis Custom Hair can get you started creating the perfect style for you, and help you find products that will keep your wigs for chemo patients looking great. A bit of know-how and some easy care are all it takes to style a wonderful wig.