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Synthetic Bob Wig Customized

Jill had called us to make an appointment for her mother who lives in Indiana to get a bob wig. I assured her that we would have exactly what they were looking for so that her mother only had to make the trip once.  After seeing a couple pictures of her mother’s hair I realized that I needed to order ahead of time, on rush delivery, so that we would have the right shades in stock when she arrived.

We try our best to select the closest colors and styles based on the pictures we receive from our clients.  The wig that we had specifically ordered for Jill’s mother was so close that when Jill had sent a picture of the fitting to get her father’s opinion, he didn’t even know it was a wig!  This was soon followed by a picture of him with two thumbs up. Sometimes it takes some time for our clients to narrow down which wig is their best choice, but in this case we found it on the first try!

After some customization, adding lift to the style and light bangs, they described the wig as looking like, “a fresh style from a salon.”  She was so happy with the results that she wore the wig out with her hair still pinned up underneath!

Jill was even kind enough to review her mom’s bob wig at Chrysalis Custom Hair on Google:

We recently went to Chrysalis Custom Hair for a wig for my mother before she starts chemotherapy. She was anxious about the process. From the minute we walked in the door and were greeted very warmly by a stylist and the owner, I knew we came to the right place. These women were EXCELLENT at making my anxious mother feel comfortable. They had a set of perfect wigs laid out for her to try on that matched the looks and feel of her natural hair. The first wig we tried on was a perfect match. They encouraged us to look at it in different lighting and we did not feel rushed as we texted pictures of each wig to my sister and father who could not attend. Then, after deciding on the perfect wig, they custom cut the bangs to look exactly, if not better, than my mother’s current hairstyle. Kimberly was not pushy, but instead seems concerned with finding the exact fit for my mother. They had dozens of options available and were very knowledgeable about the process. They only care for women that are losing their hair due to chemotherapy, which I found extraordinary. Thank you so much for this positive experience!!”