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Stop Wig Slipping With These Tips

One of the biggest benefits of cancer wigs is that they are perfect for transitioning as your hair regrows. However, you may find that your wig begins to slip a little bit as your hair grows back in, especially if you have very fine, silky hair. Fortunately, there are a couple of easy solutions for wig slipping that will give you more confidence with your appearance.

Use a Grip Band

Wig grip bands provide invisible support that no one else will ever know is there. These can easily be found online, and they are only about $10. Since they are reusable, this is one of the best fixes for wig slipping  around. These bands are adjustable and simply go underneath the wig. Once you get used to the feeling of the band on your scalp, you will hardly notice it as you go about your day. These wonder bands work by giving the wig something to grip onto, and they stand up well to even heavy movement.

Try a Clip

Wig grip bands are great for all lengths of hair and come in different colors so that they match the color of the wig cap. However, if your hair is long enough you can use a clip to get it up and out of the way. Simply pull the hair into an X at the nape of your neck and then use barrettes to lock it into place. This method works by allowing your wig to grip your neck rather than slipping on your hair.

Your hair should start growing back about 8 weeks after you finish chemotherapy.  Hair grows back in at different rates, and many women prefer wearing their wig throughout the regrowth stage. Most wig slippage problems are easy to fix so make sure to contact us for advice about any questions you may have along the way.