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Hairspray Wigs Holding Style

Hairspray wigs to hold style. Getting a new wig opens up all sorts of possibilities when it comes to style.  When it comes to wigs it doesn’t take too much to keep the style fresh and gorgeous. In fact, depending on what specific wig you have you may not need to do anything to it at all.

Most synthetic wigs come styled so that when you receive them they already have the color and texture that you want. Synthetic wigs will maintain that style through most anything, unless you get them near heat. Synthetic wigs are not made to be styled using your own styling tools, as that may damage the wig. Instead, if you want to add new life to your synthetic style, contact a professional like the salon atChrysalis Custom Hair to help you customize your wig.

Human hair wigs are usually cut, colored, and styled beforehand so that you have a great wig from the beginning, but unless your human hair wig has a permanent curl, there is some greater self-styling flexibility. If you decide to style your human hair wig, either by wearing it up or through the use of hot tools,  hairspray wigs to help the style last.

Using the right hairspray is critical to keeping your wig healthy and luscious. Too much hairspray will weigh the wig down. If a wig is coated in hairspray it gets sticky and attracts dirt and dust. Instead, to keep your wig looking its best, simply use the hairspray provided by Chrysalis. It allows you to easily style your wig by spraying a small amount on your fingers and applying by hand where you need the hold. You don’t need to reapply, either. The spray will hold until you wash and re-style your wig and you can always re activate the hold using a quick spritz of water.