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Human Hair Wigs: What Kind of Brush is Best

Since getting your new wig, you have been getting compliments and feeling extra beautiful lately. Yet, now you find yourself wondering, “what kind of  wig brush do I use on my human hair wig?” This is the kind of question we like to hear because the natural strands of human hair wigs do require different combs and brushes than other types of wigs. To keep your wig sleek and full, use these tips to choose the right wig brush.

Brush Only When Dry

Hair stylists often caution against brushing wet hair, and the same goes for your human hair wig. Brushing wet hair stretches the strands and causes breakage. Instead, let your wig dry after washing. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles. As you brush, it is also important to support the hair at the base of your wig in case you run into a tangle. If you do, gently work through it, and take your time to avoid pulling too hard. Be careful not to get too close to the base with the brush, however, because you don’t want to catch the cap and tear it.

Choose the Right Brush

If the wide-tooth comb works for you, continue to use it until all of the tangles have been removed. This is ideal for curly wigs. If you prefer, however, you can switch to a paddle brush with straight pin teeth. This will create a smooth look to your wig, and it is perfect for straight styles. Avoid using bristle brushes or those that have the little plastic balls on the ends of the pins because those pull the hair out. Round brushes are also to be avoided since the pulling motion used for the brushing technique damages natural strands.

Learning to detangle your wig simply requires a gentle touch and the right hair brush. To learn more about keeping your wig in top condition, contact us today.