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Should I Sleep in a Wig?

Some cancer patients get very comfortable in their wigs and may be tempted to sleep in a wig. This is not recommended for a number of reasons.

Cancer wigs can make you feel like you blend in during your time in chemotherapy, but they are not meant for sleeping. Proper maintenance and storage of your cancer wig can extend its comfort, appearance, and lifespan. To keep it in its optimum condition, it should be kept on a head form at night.

Because harsh glue or tape is not an option for a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy, wigs cannot be held securely overnight. This makes it an uncomfortable experience to sleep in a wig.

It is recommended that you wash your cancer wig once every two weeks. That means that, in addition to comfort and condition, leaving your wig on a head form will ensure that you have a perfectly styled, ready-to-wear wig in the morning.

If you should accidentally fall asleep in your wig, make sure to comb it out as soon as possible. Friction from bed linens or pillows can cause tangling or matting of the wig hair. If you are planning to lie down in your wig, you may want to use a silk pillowcase to minimize friction. Even if you avoid tangles, your wig could become frizzy.

If you accidentally sleep in it all night, it may take some extra time to comb through your cancer wig. However, it is important that you do so. The longer a wig is left with tangles, the harder it will become to comb through them.

If you feel uncomfortable sleeping without your wig, an attractive headscarf or turban could be the answer. There are many beautiful, comfortable options.

You can see that the best option to maximize the comfort, convenience, appearance, and lifespan of your wig is to store it securely on a head form while you sleep.

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