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Wig Giveaway 2016 Chrysalis Custom Hair


The Wig Giveaway 2016 is getting ready to launch October 1st! 50 donated wigs that have been fully refurbished will be given away to women cancer patients across the United States.

Not everyone can afford a fully customized hand painted cancer wig.  We, at Chrysalis Custom Hair Chicago, want to help women cancer patients that can not afford a custom wig to get one.

All year long we collect and refurbish wigs from our Wig Recycling Program and beginning October 1 registration for these wigs will be open to the public. Many of the 50 wigs are European hair wigs, hand tied wigs, lace front wigs, and hand colored wigs that have been donated back to us by former clients. There are also lots of synthetic wig styles from which to choose in a wide range of colors and styles.

Registrants simply to go to The Wig Giveaway registration page or the homepage of Chrysalis Custom Hair and click on the banner at the bottom to register to be a recipient of one of the 50 wigs. Then she will pick out which wig she would most like to have.  She may enter for as many wigs as she likes but not the same wig twice. Doing so will cause that name to automatically get removed from the system.  Registration will be open until October 17, 2016.  On October 19, 2016 the registrants will be randomly selected and will get an email letting them know that that wig is theirs. If we do not hear back from that registrant within 72 hours, a new recipient will be chosen and notified.

Recipients will be invited to come to a wig fitting party on October 25, 2016 held at Chrysalis Custom Hair.  At the party recipients socialize, trade tips and tricks, and most importantly get their new wig perfectly fitted by one of our expert wig stylists.

We, at Chrysalis Custom Hair, look forward to this event all year long. It is a privilege to be able to give back to women cancer patients in need of a wig!