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Change the Part on a Wig

Learning how to style your wig properly is the best way to preserve its beauty, and it is common to find yourself wondering, “Can I change the part on a wig?” shortly after your purchase. While it is true that something as simple as changing your part can transform your look, it is important to understand that the answer to your question comes down to the type of wig you have selected to wear.

Styling Synthetic Wigs

Unlike natural hair wigs, synthetic ones have strands that are made from a special type of plastic that responds to steam heat. To change the part, it is necessary to have a qualified wig expert use a special technique to heat up the plastic using steam. Once it is warm, the synthetic fibers become flexible enough to be molded into shape. While you may not be able to flip your part at whim, the good news is that it will stay in place once it is cooled.

Changing a Human Hair Part

Human hair wigs behave similarly to your natural hair, so you can change the part on a wig without worrying about damage. All you need to do is spritz it with some water. Then, move your part where you want it, and blow dry it in place. Keep in mind, however, that it will not stay this way after it gets wet again. After washing your wig, you will need to put the part back in.

Styling your wig into a new part is a great way to freshen up your look. Just be cautious to use the correct method. If you run into any concerns about how to style your wig, just give our wig experts a call. We are always ready to give you a look that you will love.