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Wig Haircut – Transitioning Back to Natural Hair

Your wig has served you well during your time enduring chemotherapy hair loss, but once chemotherapy is over and your real hair starts to grow back in, can your wig still be useful? The answer is yes! Getting a wig haircut for your Chrysalis custom wig can help to ensure a smooth transition between your wig and your new hair as it grows back.

It takes time for hair to grow — after the first two months, when it does start growing, you’ll gain about half an inch of length per month — and if you’ve been wearing a long  cancer wig throughout your chemotherapy, leaving the wig behind and changing to new, short hair can be a dramatic transition.  Not everyone wants to transition this way. Some women chose to wear their wig until their hair is back to it’s original length. However, if you chose to go with a shorter look,  getting a wig haircut can make that switch less extreme for both you and those who see you regularly.

By cutting your chemo wig shorter to more closely match what your post-chemo natural hair will look like, the switch from wig to real hair will be less of a leap! As your hair nears the length of of your new cut in the wig, you can transition back to your natural hair seamlessly, so no one even has to know you were wearing a wig the whole time.

So, how do wig haircuts work?

Wig haircuts actually work exactly like a regular haircut! Our stylists can cut your wig, just like real hair, into any style you want. You may want browse short-haired styles that you might like for your natural hair once it grows out, and bring photos of those styles when you come in for your wig haircut, so your wig can be cut and styled similarly.

Contact us to make an appointment to give your Chrysalis human hair wig a stylish new cut to suit your growing hair!