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Human Hair Wigs with Hats

The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, the weather is cooler — and that means boots, scarves, and, of course, hats. Many women want to add a hat to their autumn accessories, but they aren’t sure whether hats will interfere with their wig. If you’re wondering whether you can wear human hair wigs with hats, we have good news:  Yes, you can!

Whether you’re donning a hat for fashion or for warmth, you can absolutely do so while wearing a human hair wig. One of the many terrific benefits of human hair wigs with hats is that they function exactly like “natural” hair that grew on your own head. Because it looks, moves, and styles just the same way as anyone else’s hair, there’s no reason you can’t rock that super cute fedora or warm, cozy beanie with your wig.

When you’re ready to remove your hat, you may want to duck into the ladies’ room so you can be sure the wig doesn’t shift around when you take the hat off. That way, you can make any needed adjustments and keep your hair perfectly coiffed and styled.

Of course, hats can create static, especially as the air gets dryer in the winter months. To combat static-prone hair, just spray a little of the finishing spray that came in your wig care kit into the palm of your hand. Then gently work the spray into the parts of the wig affected by static. This should keep your wig static-free without covering the wig in a thick layer of hair spray. 

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