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Synthetic Hair- Ponytails and Clips

Just like you enjoy changing up the look of your own hair, there will probably be times when you would like to try something new and change the style of your  cancer wig. With natural hair wigs, you can be creative and try many different looks; with synthetic wigs, however, you will have to be more careful with how you style them.  You may wonder can I use a ponytail or clips in my synthetic wig?

Natural hair wigs can be done into many everyday styles, such as loose braids and ponytails,  easily and without an issue. Synthetic wigs can be more difficult to work with. Synthetic wigs are created from a type of malleable plastic, and they behave much differently than natural hair. To create different looks with synthetic hair, the wigs are carefully steamed and styled into shape, and they will hold their shape for a long time with the right care.

Because of their tendency to hold shape, it isn’t a good idea to put your synthetic hair into a ponytail or clip. Clips and ponytail bands will leave dents in synthetic hair, just as they will in natural hair. Unlike natural hair, though, synthetic hair will not straighten out again after being washed.

If you do end up using clips or ponytail bands and creating a dent in the hair it’s important to never try to straighten your synthetic wig on your own. Synthetic hair requires specific temperatures for styling, and hot tools like flat irons can literally melt your wig. A professional wig stylist should always be used for fixing problems with synthetic wigs.

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