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Color my Human Hair Wig

Finding a wig that looks like your own hair style can be a wonderful feeling. It’s great to find a wig that looks great and is comfortable to wear. You may be asking, can I color my human hair wig? While the answer is no, don’t worry. We will color your wig for you and make sure it is the perfect color. Let us help you walk out the door with a picture-perfect wig!

Don’t Try This at Home

So you’ve found a beautiful wig that matches your current style and cut and fits perfectly. But the color just isn’t right for you and you want to change it. Synthetic wigs are not made from human hair and therefore cannot be colored the same way. And while we do sell human hair wigs that are able to be colored, it must be done by us in order to produce a product that is natural-looking. The color that is used is a completely different formula than the brands at salons or at home and needs to be applied very carefully by a professional. You don’t want to end up with weird blotches of color on your head or a stained wig cap.

Let Us Worry About the Color

We offer wigs for every look and style our customers are searching for. If you discover a wig that you love but you dislike the color, we can fix it for you. Our Chicago business will not rush the process along because we know how important it is to own a wig that looks just like your natural hair. We will dedicate hours to copy the right color onto your wig, including the roots. Our employees will make sure you are given a wig that you are happy with, every time.

Stress-Free Service

We talk to all of our clients one-on-one and will do everything we can to accommodate your hectic schedule. We will help you select the perfect wig, down to the fit, texture, style and color. Select the wig that you want and we will customize it for you and change the color if need be. You can choose from over hundreds of different styles and colors, such as lace front human hair and synthetic wigs. Your wig may also be covered by insurance, which we know can be a huge relief when you are already strapped for cash because of medical bills and missed work. Contact us today and let us take care of your wig for you!