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Store a Wig- How Should I Store my Wig

Purchasing a cancer wig is an investment and protecting that investment should become a part of your daily routine. Follow these key rules for the best way to store a wig in order to maintain the quality and life of your wigs and to ensure that you always look your best.

Short-Term Storage

You’ve made it home after a long commute from work or after a fun evening out on the town. You’re ready to hit the hay, but first you need to make sure your stylish wig is ready to wear for tomorrow!

Place the wig on a wig stand or styling head. The stand must be located in a clean area where pets and children will not be able to access it. Always avoid direct sunlight and moist environments (like a bathroom), but give the wig room to breathe. Synthetic wigs are especially prone to change through sunlight exposure because of the heat. You may wish to cover your wig with a hairnet to maintain its shape and prevent dust from settling on the surface.

Long-Term Storage

It’s about time to update your hairstyle for a new job, a new season, a new you, but you have another wig that you’re not quite ready to part with it. If you decide you want to keep your old wigs instead of donating them, here are some tips.

Always wash and dry your wig before you store a wig. You don’t want food, chemicals, or other odors to linger.

Next, fold your wig in half at the center part and place it in the original box or another suitable storage box. Acid free tissue placed in the folds or around the hair will maintain shape, prevent creases or dents, and protect the wig from exposure to harmful elements. Place the box in a cool and dry environment. Do not keep your wigs in hot attics or wet basements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about how you can successfully store your wigs.