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Head Size and Wigs- Do Wigs Come in Sizes?

It is important to understand the relationship between head size and wigs because a quality wig is not one-size-fits-all. Finding the right wig will ensure your comfort, and a properly fitted wig will never blow off in the wind or fall out of place when you move your head. Since you want to wear your chemo wig with confidence, here is what you need to know about getting the perfect fit.

Head Size

When you go for your wig fitting, one of our experts will measure your head. Typically, this will involve taking two measurements: the circumference and the length of your head. Your wig professional may also factor in the current thickness or thinness of your hair since that can also affect the way your wig fits. These measurements will then be compared to the wigs you prefer to see if there is already a perfect fit.

Do Wigs Come in Sizes

Some wigs do come in different sizes.  After we take measurements we can determine your head size and wigs that would work best. Although most can be hand stitched to make them bigger or smaller imagine taking a size 10 dress and attempting to alter it to be a size 4.  It just wouldn’t look right. The same premise goes for wigs so we try to start with the most accurate sized base and work from there.

Adjusting Wig Sizes

Sometimes, you may desire a wig that is not available in your specific size. If so, no worries. We can make wigs smaller or bigger by hand stitching them.  We want you to be absolutely satisfied with your new look. We take head size and wigs fitting very seriously since we know that adhesives can damage fragile skin, especially during cancer treatment. 

Choosing a gorgeous wig should always involve a professional fitting. Not only will this ensure that you love your new look but it will also make it possible to be confident that your wig will stay on during your daily activities. To get started on your new wig fitting, contact us today.