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Wigs and Pets- Wigs Are Not Toys

Pets are naturally curious, and they have a unique knack for turning almost anything into a toy. For some reason, pets just love wigs, and it only takes a few minutes for them to destroy their beautiful look. Since wigs and pets don’t mix, use these tips to keep your wig for cancer patients safe.

Damage Caused By Pets

Dogs, cats and other household pets tend to chew on their toys while tugging with their paws. While wigs are meant to last, they simply cannot stand up to this kind of rough play. In addition to losing its style, your wig may sustain damage that cannot be repaired. Since your wig is a part of your lifestyle, you want to keep it in its best condition. Imagine Fido running through the yard with your wig in his mouth. Not a pretty image! Wigs and pets simply do not mix. 

Store It Out of Reach

Properly storing your wig will ensure it keeps its shape, and it is best to place it on a mannequin whenever you are not wearing it. However, it is important to store your mannequin in a place that is not accessible to your pet such as a high shelf or on top of your dresser. If you have cats or other climbing pets, then take the added precaution of storing your wig in a separate room with the door shut or use a cabinet with a door.  Another really good way to store your wig is to purchase a wig carrying case. These are available online for a nominal cost and usually have a latch so that you know your wig is safe from becoming a pet’s toy. 

You love your wig, and you love your pet. Yet, these two great loves of yours should never mix. For more ideas on how to protect your wig from your favorite animal companion contact us today.