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Washing Your Head When You Have No Hair

Cancer treatment involves many changes, and this will also include making a few adjustments to your beauty routine. This is because the hair loss that occurs with cancer treatment leaves your skin dry and sensitive. Washing your head when you have no hair is far less complicated than most women think. In fact, you can use these tips from our experts to take care of your scalp until your hair grows back.

Skip the Shampoo

Prior to cancer treatment, your scalp produced oils that kept it moist and created a build up on your hair. When this happened, shampoo helped to strip the oils away and keep your head healthy. Now that your scalp lacks hair, it is drier, and you will need to temporarily ditch your regular shampoo until your hair grows back.

Use a Gentle Moisturizer

Instead of shampoo, you can use the most gentle moisturizer you can find when washing your head. As a general rule, if it is something you could put on your face, then it should be fine on your head. However, make sure to only use your moisturizer at night so that the oils don’t get into your wig cap.  Do not use any kind of oil on your head. If oil or oil based moisturizer gets into your wig it could get into the knots. If the knots get saturated with anything slick they may start to unravel and you could lose hair from your wig. 

Throughout the course of your cancer treatment, changes may occur to your head that cause you concern. Dryness, flakiness and other skin changes can often be prevented and treated through using the proper products on your head. For more information about the best ways to care for your scalp during treatment, contact us and we would be happy help.