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Thanksgiving Wig Tips

cooking in a wig

Cooking a hearty, healthy meal for the holiday is a tradition that is good for you and your friends and family. Use these Thanksgiving wig tips to keep your wig looking, smelling and feeling great. 

Wigs easily pick up and retain scents. It is best to do your cooking ahead of time before putting on your wig. Whether you are chopping onions, simmering soups filled with bay leaves or stuffing your turkey with rosemary and sage, those wonderful aromas that fill the kitchen before dinner can get into your wig.  Always prepare and cook your meal before donning your wig. 

Any cook knows that being safe is an essential part of working in the kitchen. When wearing a wig, take some extra precautions and use Thanksgiving wig tips. Remember that synthetic wigs must never be worn to cook. The heat from the oven or when there are many things cooking on the stove top can singe your wig if you get too close. This is very important for your safety. Do not wear a synthetic wig when cooking. 

If you have a human hair wig you must still remember safety first. If your human hair wig is long, tie it back like you would natural hair. This keeps it out of the food you are preparing and ensures it will not catch fire. As mentioned before, food smells can permeate a human hair wig as well, so cook without wearing your wig whenever possible.

Many women find that wearing a soft head cover while cooking on Thanksgiving Day allows them to still do the things they love. Wait until dinner time to put on your wig or perhaps this year, rest and let someone else do the cooking! If you have any questions about wearing or caring for your wig during this holiday season, be sure to contact us.