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Synthetic Wigs with Winter Hats

Hats are a popular accessory during the winter season that help to keep you warm while also making a fashion statement. However, it’s important to give your favorite hat a second glance if you wear a synthetic cancer wig. This is because synthetic wigs are made of fabric, and wearing a hat causes two types of fabric to rub together. This generates friction, which eventually leads to deterioration. So what’s a girl to do when you want to wear synthetic wigs with winter hats? Read on to discover a few simple tips.

Know Which Fabrics to Avoid

Wool and cotton polyester are favored during the winter due to their warmth and softness. Unfortunately, these two fabrics are very rough, and they are the worst type for pairing with synthetic wigs with winter hats. Even a fitted hat will slowly break down the fibers of your synthetic wig every time you move your head.

Look For Silk Linings

There is a silver lining around every dark cloud for those who prefer to wear a hat. Simply choose a hat that has a silk or satin lining since these two types of fabric generate the least amount of friction. Many hat styles include a lining, which will allow you more flexibility in choosing your favorite style.

Limit Your Wearing Time

While not wearing a hat at all is the best way to protect your synthetic wig, you can reduce the amount of damage caused by wearing hats only when it is necessary. During cold weather, wear your hat just until you get indoors, or consider wrapping your hair with a silk scarf as you walk to the car.

When you love your synthetic wig, why cover it up? While a wearing a hat may not be recommended, you can still accessorize by having your wig styled by our professionals. Whatever you decide, contact us so that we can help you love your winter look this season.