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Cancer Wig – Do I Need a Wig?

Why should I get a cancer wig- I think I will be fine just wearing a hat or scarf for the couple months I’m undergoing chemotherapy.

You’re in the biggest battle of your life. You’ve made a choice. A choice to stay around and fight. A choice that instills pride in the people you care about most. Friends. Family. Yourself. Shouldn’t you give yourself one more choice?

A customized wig isn’t better than a chic scarf, or stylish hat. It is another choice.

In the next couple of months, when you’re preparing to go out, what you wear, what people’s eyes are first drawn to, your first impression helps define how people respond to you, and in turn, how you respond to them and how you feel about the battle you’re fighting.

While there will be times you may eagerly share your story, when you describe the journey you’re taking, will it be every time you run into a friend, or walk into an office, or just want a cup of coffee.

A customized cancer wig by Chrysalis gives you the choice of what impression you want to make.

A customized wig by Chrysalis empowers you to decide what you want friends, family and strangers to notice when you enter a room.

Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall, there will be occasions when the last thing you want is attention drawn to your appearance. When you don’t want a spotlight shining on you.

On those occasions, a Chrysalis wig gives you the choice to level the playing field, to remind the world that you are not defined by your battle, that you are no different from the person you were a few months ago.

A Chrysalis customized wig puts the choice to decide what friends, family, co-workers, and strangers see when they look at you. Before now the only option for women cancer patients to get a wig was from brightly lit salons or wig stores that cater to all kinds of clients including male pattern baldness and drag performers. Chrysalis Custom Hair was launched  to give women in cancer treatment an option to get a cancer wig in a place designed especially for their needs. Its goal, personalized one-to-one, no-pressure service in a uniquely feminie  space, with someone sensitive to what you are going through.

For all you’re going through, you’ve earned that choice.

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