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Are Wigs Itchy to Wear On Your Head?

One of the first questions women ask when they sit down with our expert stylists is, “Are wigs itchy?” Since we hear this common question a lot, we figured it was time to dispel a few rumors that you might have heard about wigs and comfort. The true answer to this question lies in the quality of the wig along with your personal practices for scalp care. As you explore the many ways cancer wigs enhance your life, use this information to ensure your wig is always comfortable.

Understand the Importance of Quality

The sad truth is that not every wig is equal to the ones we have available. When people ask “Are wigs itchy”, it is usually because they are of poor quality or made from cheap materials that irritate the scalp. Our wigs are designed specifically for cancer patients so you never have to worry about them making you itch.

Know The Other Causes of Itchy Scalps

Sometimes, it is not the actual wig that causes itchiness. An itchy scalp may occur naturally due to the hair follicle opening up during a period of hair loss. This itchiness may be intensified when you place a wig over the follicles, but it is not the wig that is causing the discomfort. Fortunately, you will find that the itchiness ends in 7 to 10 days when the hair is released. It is also important to know that itching may be caused by a dry scalp. Make sure to moisturize only at night when you are not wearing your wig, and only use your gentle facial cleanser on your scalp while you are still in treatment.

Choosing a quality wig and practicing proper head care while you are in treatment is the best way to avoid itchiness. At Chrysalis Custom Hair, your comfort is always our priority, so contact us today to meet with a professional who will help you select a quality wig that feels as amazing as it looks.