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Hairspray Wigs-Regular Hairspray on Wigs

Keeping your style in place is simple when you know how to hairspray wigs. With cancer wigs, it is important to understand that more is not necessarily better when it comes to holding your style. While you can use hairspray, it is important to know how to spray it properly since styling wig hair requires a few precautions.

Use Hairspray Sparingly

The key to creating a beautiful look when using hairspray on wigs is to avoid over spraying. Your wig does not need too much hairspray because the oils produced by your scalp that would normally run through your natural hair and weigh it down are not present. Without these oils, your wig will maintain it’s curl for longer. In fact, using too much hairspray actually makes it harder for your wig to keep its style.

Preserving Your Style

Although it may seem as though hairspray will keep your style in place, it works differently on wigs because you only wash them about every two weeks. If you coat the wig with hairspray, it will be weighed down by the product. Too much hairspray will also attract dirt and dust that will affect the appearance of your wig. If you want to hairspray wigs the best way to do it is not to just spray it all over the wig like you would your natural hair. Spray just a little on your fingertips and then smooth onto what ever piece of hair you want sprayed. This method keeps the wig from getting covered in sticky hairspray.

Wig hair tends to hold its style for far longer than natural hair. However, if you need a little extra hold, a quick spritz is all you need to leave your house with confidence. For more ideas on how to care for your wig and keep it styled, contact one of our wig care experts at Chrysalis Custom Hair today.