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When to Brush or Comb Your Wig

Proper care and maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to keeping your wig looking and feeling amazing; a huge part of this care includes knowing how and when to brush or comb your wig. This applies especially to dealing with your cancer wig when it is still wet, as the hair is especially fragile before it has dried.’

Wet Hair is Fragile Hair

At Chrysalis Custom hair, we recommend that you never brush or comb your wig if it is wet to avoid damage and protect the longevity of your wig. Specifically, we ask our customers not to brush the wig wet is because the hair does not have the same elasticity of the hair that grows from your head. This means that brushing it in this state, you risk breaking and damaging the hair significantly.

Proper Care After Washing

There are certain steps that you should take in the drying of your  cancer wig to ensure that it is kept in the best shape possible. After you have gently washed and conditioned according to the instructions provided with your wig, you can use your fingers to lightly comb through and untangle the hair. No actual brushes or combs should be used while the hair is still wet. Once you have finished, you should put the wig on the drying rack until it has fully dried. You can place the dry wig on a foam head or canvas styling block to then proceed to brush the hair out properly. This means supporting the hair while you comb from the bottom to the top to avoid breakage or damage to the cap itself. Once completed, your wig will be back to its original beauty and ready to go.

If you take the proper steps in the care of your wig, you ensure that the quality will last and it will do so while looking fantastic. The maintenance is the most important aspect of owning a wig and if you have any questions regarding the care of yours or if you are interested in owning a wig from Chrysalis Custom Hair Chicago, please feel free to contact us here.