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Lace Front Wigs- DO NOT Pull or Tug on it

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Lace Front Wigs Will Tear if you Pull or Tug on it

Lace front wigs provide just the right look women are searching for. They look incredibly real and allow flexibility when it comes to styling them. As real as they look, one must be careful not to ignore proper maintenance.

Even though the wigs are quite durable, the actual lace front portion— the part that makes it look natural— is very delicate. Due to the somewhat fragile nature of the front of the lace front wig, you want to consider exercising some due diligence when handling it. You don’t handle lace front wigs the same way you would handle a regular wig. Here are some recommendations :

 Wig Maintenance Tip: Lace Front Wigs— Do Not Pull or Tug On It

1. Do not adjust by the lace front portion of the wig

While it is very tempting to grab the wig from the front to adjust it, that is not what you should do with a lace front wig. Lay the wig on the front of your head first, aligning it so that it is displayed properly along your hairline, hold it with one hand then pull the rest of the wig down around your head. Do not start from the back because that will initiate additional pulling and adjusting.

2. If the wig ripples or is too far back, take it off and start over

As this might not sound like the fastest path to take, it is certainly the safest for your lace front wig. If the wig does indeed ripple, it will be obvious and will no longer look natural. The whole point in getting this type of wig is for its natural look. A ripple look will defeat the purpose.

3. Too much tugging will tear your lace front wig

If you pull too hard or excessively on the ear tabs, that can cause your lace wig to tear. That would be a nightmare! Be gentle.

Proper wig maintenance will not only prolong the life of a natural hair wig but will also prevent premature damage. The goal is for it to continue to look realistic by being well-maintained. A beautiful presentation always requires due care.

Feel free to contact us or send us a tweet at Chrysalis Custom Hair if you have any questions about cancer wig maintenance or styling. We also offer lace front wigs customized especially for you. A quality wig starts with the foundation.