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New Year’s Eve Wig Styles

The holidays have finally arrived. With the coming of 2017 you will want to know about New Year’s Eve wig styles that will work with your cancer wig. Not all  chemo wigs are created the same way, so they can’t all be styled the same way. Check out some of the tips and tricks you can use for your New Year’s Eve wig styles.New Year's Eve Wig



Natural hair wigs also called human hair wigs are made from actual human hair. The hand tied wigs have the look and feel of real hair because they are made from real human hair. For New Year’s Eve think about playing around with some styles that you couldn’t otherwise do with your real hair. With longer hair a side braid, loosely done to hide the wig cap, with a few pieces of tinsel woven through it looks festive and fun. For shorter hair clips or barrettes are widely available with rhinestones or glitter to lend some “bling” to your holiday hair.  Lace wigs made with human hair can also be curled to look glamorous or straightened to give your bob length hair look chic angles and swing.


Synthetic hair wigs, made from synthetic fibers, have fewer options for styling.  Since synthetic hair is basically made of a form of plastic it can not be heated with a curling iron or flat iron. If you use clips or barrettes on a synthetic wig it will leave a dent in the hair that can only be fixed by a professional. Unlike natural hair, getting the hair wet will not remove the dent left by a clip or rubber band. Still, there’s lots of sparkly headbands and tiaras that can be worn with the wig which will add some pizzazz without ruining the everyday look of your synthetic wig.

We will be holding limited holiday hours between December 24 and Jan 3.  If you’d like styling tips or to make an appointment for January 2017 now is the time to call us.

Chrysalis Custom Hair Chicago wishes you and yours the happiest of holidays!