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How Long Until My Hair Grows Back After Chemo

How long until my hair grows back after chemo” is one of the most asked questions. It does take some time, so don’t worry if it doesn’t start filling in right away. Here’s what to expect while you’re waiting for your hair to grow back.

Early Growth

You’ll start seeing the first growth about two months after your last treatment. It’s exciting to see new growth again, but don’t worry if it doesn’t look as healthy as it did before your treatment. This hair was in the follicle during treatment, so it often comes out thinner or looking like split ends. Most women cut off this early growth as their normal, healthy hair returns.

3 Months After Treatment

Hair grows back about 3 months after treatment, or 4-6 weeks after the early growth begins. It’s normal for hair to grow unevenly at first. Everyone is different, but you can expect to grow about a 1/2 inch per month.  It takes a while for the hair to be heavy enough to lay flat. Until then it often sticks out like little sprouts.

Wearing Your Own Hair Again

You’ll be able to wear your hair in a cute pixie cut about 6-8 months after your last treatment. Most people wear their cancer wigs for at least a year. This gives your hair time to fill in and be thick and healthy. When you’re ready, go to your favorite hairstylist to celebrate wearing your own hair again. They’ll have great suggestions for cute styles and maintenance as your hair grows out.

It does take some time for your hair to grow back in, so invest in a custom wig while you wait to debut your new pixie cut. For help finding a comfortable wig that fits you perfectly and offers great style, please contact us. Our experts can help you find the solution that’s right for you.